Shock Tech has been designing, manufacturing, and testing shock attenuation and vibration isolation mounting systems for the most demanding environments for over 25 years. We are a premier designer & supplier for high energy shock mounts used in naval shipboard applications meeting Mil-DTL-901E, and custom mounting solutions for guidance systems in aircraft, missiles, and satellites.

We are staffed with accomplished engineer executives and managers with over 120 years combined experience in shock and vibration mount design you can depend on. We can work with you to modify and improve an existing system or to develop a completely new design.

Engineering Services

Shock Tech offers engineering services focused around our areas of expertise. We can analyze, submit proposals, design, prototype, provide test plans, test reports and do test supervision. Our focus is our customers’ success; we can be contracted in a “menu” approach to augment your engineering team.

New Design & Development

Shock Tech designs & develops custom mounts to conform to various military and commercial standards without sacrificing application performance.

Test Plans

  • Acceptance Test Procedures
  • Qualification Test Procedures

Rapid Prototyping

In-House rapid prototyping allows Shock Tech to:

  • Realize design concepts
  • Test design performance immediately
  • Minimize design iterations
  • Reduce lead times

Test Reports

  • Acceptance Test Reports
  • Qualification Test Reports

Testing and Evaluation


4-Pole Noise Testing

Barge Test

Custom Solutions

We are experts in the design of custom elastomer, wire rope and all-metal isolators. We can analyze and select mounting systems for your application in concert with providing innovative mechanical packaging to aid in installation and optimize isolation, attenuation and damping performance of your equipment mounting system.


Shock Tech is the premier provider of mounting systems for the US Navy and defense contractors for the past 25+ years. We have a wide-ranging family of high energy shock mounts used in naval shipboard applications.

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Analytical Tools

Shock Tech utilizes a combination of software and laboratory testing to measure, analyze and quantify vibration, shock and noise attenuation. Isolator design and development is focused on meeting customer specifications and complying with industry standards while keeping performance, service life and cost-efficiency high.

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