Shock Tech specializes in manufacturing ruggedized racking units, mounted trays and custom tray designs for a variety of applications. We continuously provide isolation solutions to protect sensitive, mission critical components including commercial off the shelf (COTS) equipment.

In-house design, development and testing, coupled with a large selection of vibration and shock isolators allows for rapid prototyping of complete assemblies.

Proven through rigorous testing and in-service conditions, Shock Tech’s mounted trays are an effective solution for harsh shock and vibration environments.


Shock Tech supplies mounted tray assemblies for applications including:

  • Commercial & Military Aircraft
  • Naval
  • Guidance Systems
  • Military Surface Vehicles
  • Space
  • Industrial Machinery & Equipment

Gas Detection Systems

Fail-safe mounting solutions for flame and gas detectors used on industrial (indoor/outdoor) and naval applications.

Left, multi-channel gas detection control unit which utilizes Shock Tech mounted tray and high deflection capable mounts.

Isolation Systems for Panel PCs and Large Displays

Custom solutions for commercial off the shelf (COTS) displays and large panel PCs. Engineered to handle severe shock and vibration environments.

Left, touch screen flat panel display for THAAD application.

Isolation Systems for COTS Shipboard Applications

Isolation systems for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronics that are more susceptible to shock and vibration.

Left, mounting tray for a U.S. Navy shipboard printer.

Communications Equipment for Military Surface Vehicles

Mounting solutions for military surface vehicle communications equipment including computers and displays.

Left, mounted tray assembly for the Blue Force Tracking (FCBC2) communications equipment.

UAV Avionics

Compact and lightweight, trays for sensitive Unmanned Airborne Vehicle (UAV) avionics.

Mounted Trays for Test Equipment

Mounted tray solutions for sensitive laboratory and field test equipment.

Left, mounted tray assembly in a temperature-controlled test enclosure for heavy machinery.